Types Of Insomnia Drugs

The way most people live can have an impact on the way they sleep. Everyone has a sleep cycle that their body keeps. Some people can mix up the “body clock.” The body wants to be on a stable sleep/wake cycle and it will try to keep it that way. Some people for whatever reason might stay awake when they should be sleeping. In most cases, the body will revert back to its sleep cycle on its own. Sometimes people might need a little help with falling asleep after breaking the sleep cycle. There are insomnia drugs that can help in these cases.

The most popular insomnia drug used is Ambien. Ambien is only given by prescription and it is powerful. For most people, one single dose is more than enough to put them asleep. It can become habit forming so it is best used sparingly such as those people who need to get back onto their own sleep cycle. In most cases, insurance will cover the cost and any doctor can prescribe the medicine.

Some people suffer from insomnia in a more serious fashion. There are insomnia drugs that can be used for a longer term that will work also. One of these drugs, Trazadone, is used mostly as an anti-depression drug but it also works for insomnia. Trazadone has the effect of creating drowsiness in most people. It should only be taken right before people are going to bed. It is given only as a prescription also. One possible side affect can be that the body adapts to the drug and some people may become dependant on it for depression. As a sleep aid it can work for some people.

Abusing Insomnia Drugs

There will always be people who will abuse any medication that they can get. The doctor has no idea if people are telling the truth without a good sleep study done at a hospital. Without that information, the doctor may prescribe a drug to help the person. Most of these people don’t have any idea what they are dealing with. Some insomnia drugs mixed with alcohol can do severe damage or even kill the abuser. Those people who use illegal drugs are the most likely to abuse this drug. It is never a good idea to mix alcohol with any medicine. There are other people who may have insomnia but it is caused by depression. What they need is anti-depressants and not sleep medicine. Without professional help, these people may become depressed and use the insomnia drugs to end their life.

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