Treating Insomnia Sleep Apnea

In America there are many people who fight the battle of obesity. People eat more than they need to and don’t get enough exercise to make up the difference. Being over weight is bad for the body and everyone knows this. The problem is that it is easy to put the weight on and a lot harder to get it back off.

Obesity can cause serious health problems that can be hard to manage without losing all of the weight. Obesity can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is the medical term for people who don’t get enough oxygen during the time of sleep. They usually snore loudly and may wake up often and toss and turn. Sleep apnea can also cause insomnia.

Insomnia sleep apnea is treatable and can be controlled. The first thing that needs to be done is an insomnia sleep apnea test. This is done in a controlled environment such as a hospital.

While people sleep, the technicians will check to see what the body’s oxygen level is at. They will also monitor the person’s heart rate and brain activity. This is all important in order to see how bad the insomnia sleep apnea has become. They will monitor all of the information and tell the person what the results are. From that point they will tell the person what needs to be done to help them.

Equipment To Help Insomnia Sleep Apnea

One of the first things that the doctor will recommend is a pressurized mask. Because the insomnia is caused from sleep apnea, the doctor will fit a mask that covers the nose and attaches with Velcro straps that go over the back of the head. It can take some time before the person is comfortable with this equipment.

There is an air pump that flows the air into the mask and forces the air into the lungs when they breathe in. Even if people can fall asleep with it on, the hoses that connect the mask to the machine can get in the way and that can wake people up. Insomnia sleep apnea can be helped with this as long as the person keeps the mask on for the complete night.

Sometimes the person may need to have supplemental oxygen as well as the air. This is because the body isn’t getting the correct amount of oxygen even with the pressurized air. There isn’t really any difference between the supplemental oxygen and just the air as far as comfort for the person.

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