The Basic Facts About Insomnia

When endeavoring to learn about insomnia it is important to understand some basics facts about insomnia. First of all, it is critical to realize that insomnia is not a disease, but is a reflection or symptom of some other physical, emotional or mental issue that the insomniac is experiencing.

Some of those factors that may lead to insomnia can include distress, psychological issues, changes in the person’s environment, their diet or other medical conditions such as restless legs syndrome.

Therefore, important facts about insomnia should include its definition, the various types of insomnia that can be experienced and how to treat insomnia.

What Is Insomnia?

Insomnia can be simply defined as that condition in which an individual has difficulty with their sleep patterns. These patterns could include difficulty in falling asleep, trouble staying asleep or simply the inability to fall asleep as well as staying asleep.

However, which ever difficulty the insomniac is experiencing, the basic facts about insomnia are that the disruption of sleep is an unsettling reality for the sufferer. Insomnia ultimately ends in the individual experiencing sleep deprivation which leaves the individual feeling fatigued.

Types Of Insomnia

Additional facts about insomnia include the discovery that there are two types of insomnia. Those two types of insomnia are called secondary insomnia and primary insomnia.

Secondary insomnia is the most common type of sleeplessness. This type of insomnia simply means that there is a disruption of sleep due to some other type of condition, factor, etc. Examples of conditions associated with secondary insomnia can include depression, pain, changes in a person’s schedule, environmental changes, etc. In addition, the use of a diuretic can cause secondary insomnia. Examples of a diuretic could be a diuretic medication or the use of coffee or alcohol.

Primary insomnia is the experiencing of sleeplessness that is not due to any other factor. In other words, it is its own condition and is not triggered by any other events. Examples of medical conditions that can cause primary insomnia include major stressful events that are lengthy in duration.

Treatment Facts About Insomnia

In the event that the insomniac is experiencing secondary insomnia, the treating of this condition, can for the most part, be treated by removing the source of the insomnia. For example if the insomniac is a heavy coffee drinker then the reduction of their intake in coffee may be what is needed to treat the condition.

However, in the cases of primary insomnia, this condition may be caused by serious illnesses or emotional issues that the sufferer is experiencing. Therefore, a strict dietary, physical and emotional regimen may need to be followed.

If this plan of action is unsuccessful, the use of prescription medication may be indicated. Such treatment could include the use of sleep inducing drugs such as those found in the benzodiazepine family. These medicines could include Xanax, Valium, Serax, etc.

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