Insomnia Cure Requires Knowing Underlying Cause

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep to cure your insomnia, but unfortunately many people will stay awake worried about the amount of sleep they are losing. Stress, anxiety and an overactive mind are a few of the causes of losing sleep and an insomnia cure may require a sleep aid to clear your mind and allow you to fall into slumber.

While most people may suffer from insomnia occasionally, those that cannot sleep on a regular basis may be suffering from chronic insomnia and may need medical intervention to get their system back in order. There may also be underlying reasons that a person cannot sleep and finding an insomnia cure will require taking care of those problems in order for them to be able to sleep.

Sometimes, an insomnia cure is simple such as stop drinking caffeine or alcohol at least an hour before going to bed, or not taking a long nap in the afternoon. A person’s sleep cycle can also be disrupted when they travel through different time zones and while the body may know it is time to go to sleep, the mind still sees the sun shining as well as the clock on the wall and insists it is the middle of the day.

Insomnia Cure May Require Talking Turkey

Many people find a nap following Thanksgiving dinner difficult to do without. Mainly due to the ingestion of turkey, which contains a high level of tryptophan, which is a natural sedative and can be an insomnia cure. It has been found that tryptophan is also present in warm milk, and explains mom’s use of warm milk as a sleep aid for her children. Adding honey to the milk can speed the tryptophan into the system quicker, as well as making the milk sweeter.

Some believe that alcohol has sleep-inducing properties and works as an insomnia cure, however it has been shown that while sleep my be possible, it is usually a restless sleep and not long-lasting. Waking up in the middle of the night is not uncommon with alcohol-induced sleep and hangovers are a distinct possibility, causing sleepiness throughout most of the next day.

While there are sleep aids on the market to help people fall asleep fast and reportedly stay asleep longer, they are not really used as an insomnia cure. Rather they are providing temporary relief to cover up a sleeping problem, which will need to be addressed before the insomnia is cured.

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