A Good Night’s Sleep: Cures For Insomnia

When investigating cures for insomnia, it is important to remember that insomnia is not a disease. Insomnia itself is a reflection or a symptom of a condition that the insomniac is experiencing. Some examples that may cause insomnia include the stress level of the individual, environmental or schedule changes, the person’s diet or medical condition that causes disruption of the person’s sleep, etc.

There are many practical steps that the person who is experiencing insomnia can take to try to minimize episodes of insomnia. Some of these cures for insomnia can include the use of dietary measures, incorporating techniques that appeal to the senses and adhering to set routines to help overcome episodes of insomnia.

Dietary Measures

One of the simplest and yet most effective cures for insomnia is through a change in dietary habits. This change can be brought about by excluding, minimizing or ingesting foods during a different part of the day. In addition, there are certain products that the person who is experiencing insomnia can add to their diet to effectively gain a quality night’s sleep.

In regards to a person’s current dietary habits they may wish to exclude or minimize their use of alcohol. Alcohol acts as a diuretic and stimulates the kidneys to increase the production of urine. If alcohol is taken at night this may necessitate frequent trips to the bathroom which in turn will disrupt an individual’s sleep. Also, avoiding heavy meals at night may facilitate a good night’s rest.

In addition, there are certain teas that can aid in the sleep process. One such tea can be made from chamomile. Also, there is some benefit to drinking warm milk before retiring. This is due to the fact that milk contains a certain amino acid which, when processed by the digestive system, enhances the production of serotonin in the brain.

Appealing To The Senses

Additional cures for insomnia can include actions that will work through the bodily senses. Some of these cures for insomnia could include the use of aromatherapy or the application of soft oils such as lavender. Another calming action can be a bodily massage. This action will help to relieve some of the built up stress in the muscles and help to induce relaxation.

Establishing A Set Routine

Finally, other effective cures for insomnia include the implementation of physical routines. These routines can include physical exercise, nightly television viewing habits, a set sleeping routine, meditative routines, etc.

The benefits of a physical exercise program will stimulate the body’s muscles, provide an aerobic workout and enable the body to relax thus promoting the sleep process. Also, before retiring for the evening it is important to relax the mind. This can be accomplished by reading, meditating or listening to soft music.

Finally, as part of the cure for insomnia it is important to have a set routine. By going to bed at a set time and waking up at a set time the individual will be sending signals to their mind and body that it is time for sleep.

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